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Newtown St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Village Development Framework Feb 2012

The below link takes you to SBC Web Site and their Development Framework document which was recently approved by the Planning & Building Stds. committee. Itís a large document but Appendix B shows the results of village comments.

The village is pleased to have a planning document that covers all planned developments (7 sites with different landowners and 1,200 houses )with the hope that this will help prevent piecemeal development.
Unfortunately the document has been produced by SBC with little participation or real engagement from the village. The style of consultation has been SBC decide on what is to be studied, SBC carry out study, SBC decide on best options and only then ask villagers for their comments. When comments have been made no feed back has been received for very long periods and then only after the document has been put through the next stage of the formal planning approval process.
The Community Council has repeatedly requested discussions of on important issues like community improvements, economic development of village centre, new village centre layout, new School, new Health Centre, promised new path & cycle network etc. but , apart from one short discussion on roads/parking, no meeting or discussions have taken place for over two years now. SBC response to our requests is to say that the Development Framework document is only a high level document and things will be discussed at a later stage ?
It is understood that negotiations are now taking place between SBC and landowners/developers about planning approval and developer contributions etc.The concern of the village is that once this has been concluded discussions will then take place with developers who will then advise village that only items incurring no cost can be considered !
Click on the the link below:
Development Framework

Village Development Framework Feb 2012, Scotland