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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Letter sent to SBC from village Community Council 20th March

From: Roger French

Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:20 PM
To: Frater, Brian

Cc: Daryl Perry ; George Luke ; Harry Mclean ; Jane Smart ; Nancy Allan ; Raymond du Bois ; Tom Mc Call ; Rob Dickson ; Kenneth Gunn ; Vicky Davidson ; Riddell-
Carre, Carolyn (Councillor) ; Parker, David (Councillor) ; tlogan@scotborders.gov.uk

Subject: Newtown St Boswells Development plans

Firstly Brian the Community Council would like congratulate you for getting the Development Framework (DF) approved as a SPG. This is clearly a major step to get the village development progressed in a co ordinated way, give some community development focus and is important as a material consideration in the planning approval process. It is appreciated that it has involved a tremendous amount of work both by yourself and Council staff and the village is grateful for all the work done.
Having now had a chance to study the approved DF document we make the following comments and requests :-
Now that the DF document is approved what is the process to bring its contents to reality and what involvement will the village have ?
Accepting that the DF is a ‘high level’ document, and this may sound monotonous, when can the village start having discussions on the following areas contained in the document i.e. job creation, village centre business revitalisation, community improvements, village centre design, new Health Centre, Recreation parks, new School, children’s play grounds, local Path/cycle network plan etc.

You are asked to realised that with the plans to quadruple the size of our village and bring in 1,200 additional new households these items are very important to local people. Many previous requests for discussions have been made however apart from a presentation on the village centre proposals and a short meeting on road/parking layout not a single discussion has taken place with the village on any of these matters for over two years since the draft DF was first drawn up in December 2009.
Also it would be appreciated if you can confirm that NHS management are being kept aware of the status of the planning process since when previously contacted, admittedly some time ago, they advised us they had no information about the new Health Centre plans ? More worrying, comments were made about tight NHS capital budgets and no that no capital funding allocation was in their forecasts for the new Health Centre and at the time we brought this to your attention but have heard nothing since.
As you will know Local Councillor elections are due shortly and we see this as an opportunity to repair the past broken communication link between Community Council/Local Councillor/SBC and the planning process. To this end it would be appreciated if the newly elected Local Councillors are fully briefed by SBC on the development proposals and ask that they are given a copy of the DF document which obviously we will also discuss with them.
Lastly, despite our differences and disappointment about the lack of real participation in drawing up the DF proposal the village Community Council wishes to be positive, look forward rather than back, and improve communication with the SBC on the redevelopment plans. To that end can you please advise who is our first point of contact at SBC since currently we are not sure whether it is yourself, Julie Hogg, Kristina Bell, Andy Millar or perhaps some one else with whom we should communicate ?
Roger French
Newtown St Boswells & Eildon Community Council

Letter sent to SBC from village Community Council 20th March, Scotland