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Newtown St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Latest on village centre development work

In summary the village is very disappointed that it has had very little involvement and no engagement or participation in the compiling of the Development Framework(DF)which is a development plan for the whole village.

The village was shown a draft DF 18 months ago and invited to one walk-in session and request to make comments allowed to comment on the recommendations already made

However the village was only asked to comment after SBC had decided on the DF content, carried out the studies and then made recommendations for the village to comment on. The initial draft DF document with diagrams was then shown to the Village Community Council together with a ‘walk in’ discussion session followed by a very short time to submit any comments in December 2009.

Subsequently the comments collected by SBC were not shared with Village Community Council until they were requested some time later. A period of over 18 months then followed when no discussion or info was given to the village about whether the DF would be amended as a result of the comments collected. In fact as a last resort a written request to see the amended DF was made but this did not happen until after the document was submitted to a Council Planning and Building Stds. committee where a decision was made to start the clock ticking on a formal consultation period of 12 weeks with a deadline of 14th Sept. 2011.

During the latter part of the 18 month period a proposal for a new village centre came from out of the blue drawn up by a SBC/consultant with no previous engagement of village. This was show to three members of the Village Community Council but they were told that the diagram could not be shown to other villagers. A subsequent mini presentation took place to the full Village Community Council and ad hoc comments were made about the design and layout etc. and then Village Community Council was advised it could make informal comments until 28th Feb.

The Village Community Council has recently sent out a Newsletter to all villagers showing a proposal drawn up by a consultant for a new village centre with the object of showing villages and requesting their comments

Latest on village centre development work, Scotland