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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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New Village Centre Concepts

A meeting was held in Community Wing on 25th January 2011 where a presentation was given by Bain & Swan Architects/SBC of possible concepts for future village centre.

Those present: Community Councillors George Luke (GL, chair), Raymond du Bois (RduB, Secretary), Jim Dickson (JD), Harry McLean (HM), Jane Smart (JS), Nancy Allan (NA), Daryl Perry (DP), Olive Beavon, (OB)
Village residents Peter Dixon, Douglas Robb, Hazel Robb, Fran Wilkie, Kevin McLeish, Pat Barrow, Kenneth Ewart, Eoin Frame, Oonagh McGarry,
Press Ally McGilvray (Border Telgraph)
SBC Cllr Kenneth Gunn (KG)
SBC Planning Ian Aitken (IA), Julie Hogg (JH), Andy Millar (AM), Derek Inglis (DI), Allan Swan (AS, Bain Swan Architects)

1 Apologies: Roger French (RF), Tom McCall (TM, Treasurer),

2 Minutes of previous meeting Accepted.

Presentation by SBC Planning Officials - Concepts for redevelopment of Mart site and remodeled village centre

GL handed over to the SBC Planning team. After introductions, IM gave the background to the village expansion and re-development of Newtown. AM described the new planning legislation and SBC’s Placemaking guide. DI described the equivalent guidance applied to roads, where the intention is to design streets for people and make the needs of vehicles secondary. AS, who has been appointed by SBC to put forward ides for the Mart site and village centre, showed the meeting his drawings where the intention is to keep the present village-centre buildings and add to these to give a new village centre with a sense of ‘place’. There would be new public space - both paved and grass areas - and on-street parking for people using village-centre facilities. Design and traffic-calming would ensure pedestrians have priority over vehicles.

A lively discussion followed in which those present asked questions or suggested alternative ideas. IA stated SBC’s intention to take the ideas aired at this meeting and meetings with other parties and frame Supplementary Planning Guidance for development of the Mart site and village centre. This will be put out for public consultation, possibly in Spring or Summer 2011. However, he asked people not to wait but to make their comments at any time, which he promised will be considered and taken into account by planning staff.

GL thanked the Planning team for the presentation. He also thanked villagers who had come along to the presentation. GL reminded the meeting that what they had been shown was only a concept, not something set in stone for the future. We are at the early stages of a long design and consultation process and GL hopes village residents will continue to show their interest.

Members of the Community Council would be very happy to show diagrams of the concepts to any one in the village who is interested.

Copies of the proposed layout can be downloaded from the links at the foot of:
Newtown Plans

New Village Centre Concepts, Scotland