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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Update 17th July

The Community Coumcil were invited by developers to see their plans which are being submitted to SBC for outline planning approval. This was for the south (600 houses)and west development(300houses)but very little info. was given at the meeting and no changes/improvements were included for the village centre. Notes of the meeting are shown below.

No further news on Mart plans which seem to be on hold due to credit crunch and on going negoiations with Council.

Meeting of regeneration sub-group with Developers
Held Community Wing on 9th July 2009 at 7.00pm

Those present: Campbell Black (CB, Elphinstone), Nancy Allan (NA, Newtown & Eildon Community Council), Raymond du Bois (RduB, NECC), Roger French (RF, NECC), Tom McCall (TM, NECC), Emma Moore (EM, Elphinstone)

Apologies: George Luke (GL, NECC), Nick Waugh (NW, Buccleuch)

1/ RduB opened the meeting, thanking CB and EM for coming to Newtown to give an update on progress with their plans for village expansion and regeneration. The NECC sub-group can only gather information and report back to the full community council.

2/ Speaking for Elphinstone and Buccleuch, CB explained that the developers will apply this month for outline Planning Permission for the land they own, that is, the expansion areas to the south and west of Newtown. The application will be supported by a masterplan and an Environ-mental Impact Assessment for those areas. The masterplan is in a 'storybook' format - various options are outlined and reasoning is given for the options which have been selected. The planning application will not contain very much detail, only general development principles.

3/ In discussion, it was recognised that the masterplan will not address the village centre, apart from indicating a road link along the line of the former Waverley railway. RduB stressed that NECC is very interested in village regeneration and had hoped to see proposals for the village centre. Regeneration of Newtown was the main justification put forward by SBC for the expansion. CB explained that the developers' masterplan cannot deal with the village centre for reasons which include a) absence of a village development framework and b) they do not own land in the village centre.

4/ The meeting was unanimous that a village development framework for the whole village is needed. CB hopes that SBC will produce this framework at an early date, which will assist the developers in drawing up detailed plans. He said that the developers are keen to co-ordinate their plans with the strategy for regeneration of the village and require guidance on, for example, whether a new primary school is needed and where it would be sited and also the plans for a village centre. RF said that NECC has been calling for this ever since the village expansion was proposed and adopted in the Local Plan.

5/ CB gave a broad indication of timescales:

a) outline planning application - July 2009
b) outline planning permission granted - 1st quarter of 2010
c) consultation and work to develop detailed plans will take about two years
d) work on first phase begins 2012.

6/ EM showed the meeting a map with the expansion areas and some illustrative detail, but she emphasised that this was only for guidance and in any case SBC has requested that much of the detail is removed when the outline planning application is submitted. The meeting discussed various aspects of the map, such as roads linking the expansion areas with the existing village.

7/ NA asked about the types of houses which will be built. EM said that SBC policy requires provision of 'affordable' homes and that these might include flats and houses to let and starter homes offered for sale, possibly through shared equity plans. Details of affordable homes would be resolved in discussion with housing associations such as Eildon Housing. In general, the developers would aim for a mix of house types and sizes across the expansion areas.

8/ Drawing attention to the area either side of Bowden Burn, CB said that Elphinstone intends to offer this land to the people of Newtown to adopt as, for example, a community woodland. RduB thanked CB for this offer, which is likely to be of great interest to the Community Council.

9/ EM agreed to send NECC a hard copy of the outline planning application and masterplan. She will also supply more information on the next stages of the design process.

10/ EM also offered to meet with the NECC regeneration sub-group again to explain the outline planning application and masterplan and other supporting documents.

11/ RduB thanked those present for a useful meeting. EM will be in touch to arrange the next meeting.

Update 17th July, Scotland