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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Community Workshop Thursday 2nd October- Feed back

Feed back from Workshop

The Developers of the proposed south (WhiteHill Farm possible 600 houses)and west(either side of Bowden Road possibly 300 houses) housing developments held a workshop with people from the village attending who gave their views on what they think about the proposed developments and the future of the village.

Those in attendance

People from Village
Representatives of Village Comunity Council
Local Councillors
SBC Planning Director
Various other members of SBC,see below.

Developers representatives & Consultants

Nick Waugh, Buccleuch Properties
Derek West, Elphinstone Group
Pete Selman, Elphinstone Group

Jas Atwal, Kevin Murray Associates
Kevin Murray, Kevin Murray Associates

Barton Willmore - Matthew Chard/Clive Rand/Tina Schmidt - masterplanners,urban designers and landscape designers.

Fairhurst - Myles McGregor - transport and movement specialists

RSP- Robert Dunn - sustainability

Rudd Ecology - Nigel Rudd - dealt with the Ecology aspects of the area

The Council were represented by officers from Urban Design, Regeneration,Planning,Development Management,Environmental Strategy, Public Transport,Rights of Way,Parks and Open Spaces and Education.

No plans/diagrams of the proposed developments were seen and the Workshop time was taken discussing village views with mini presentaions about various aspects of developments given by the consultants.

Items discussed

Transport and movement
• A68 links – and crossing
• New road layout, size
• New footpath links to centre

Landscape, environment, heritage
• Development relating to sensitive landscape and heritage
• Reinforce and strengthen existing woodland, etc
• Sensitive links, bridges, etc – esp north-south
• Importance of village community – integrate old, new
• Least worst solution for crossing glen
• Phasing
• Whole village approach
• Extend protected areas
• Village square & engine shed
• Drainage – link to nature

Village design and layout
• Density a sensitive issue - edges
• Urban/rural sensitive – ‘rural urban’ – higglety-pigglety
• Find the right comparisons
• Sustainability & design - adaptability
• Integrate new needs – eg energy, waste – into design
• Role of colour and tone
• Architectural ‘language’ – role of village greens
• Roofscape – views into village
• Importance of boundaries, edge
• Future rail wayleave

Community facilities
• Education – link to numbers, profile - timing
• Good access to schools, etc
• Parks & open space – pressure – needs new integrated space
• Health & social care – stretched – need new
• Borders College – provide activity,custom
• Communications
• Parking
• Milestone – future role
• Future role, impact of Auction Mart site

• Importance of addressing waste – civic amenity
• Timescale and rate (eg for water)
• What disruption
• Effect on infrastructure
• One major sewage works
• SUDS to incorporate habitat
• Benefits to residents (energy cost)
• Low carbon- whole life
• Impact of Mart site

It was generally found to be an interesting exercise however more people in attendance from the village would have been helpful. A further consultation is planned for November when the items discussed will be put into some draft plans for further discussions.

Precise date and venue to be advised

Community Workshop Thursday 2nd October- Feed back , Scotland