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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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First Meeting with Developers

Newtown & Eildon Community Council

Meeting with Developers
Held Community Wing on 3rd July 2008 at 7.00pm

1 Discussion of Consultation process

1.1 GL opened the meeting by explaining that this is an advertised open meeting of Newtown & Eildon Community Council (NECC).

1.2 This extraordinary meeting results from the developersí request to meet with NECC in order to discuss the consultation process ahead of planning applications for the major expansion of the village. Those present:

a) from NECC, Roger French (RF), Raymond du Bois (RduB) and George Luke (GL)

b) from Buccleuch Land, Nick Waugh (NW)

c) from Elphinstone, Campbell Black (CB) and Derek West (DW)

d) from Kevin Murray Associates, Kevin Murray (KM)

e) from SBC as an observer, Ian Lindley (IL), Director of Planning & Economic Development.

1.3 GL outlined the Community Councilís priorities and questions for the consultation process with developers:

a) NECC will only support work which reinforces the village centre and will vigorously
oppose any changes which undermine existing businesses or which tend to a new
village centre, for example, south of Bowden Burn

b) we need to build Newtown, not build near Newtown

c) a joint Masterplan needs to be developed for the whole village including the present
village and the various sites, owned by about six different developers

d) who will develop a joint Masterplan, who will decide on phasing for regeneration
work village centre, who pays for writing the Masterplan?

e) if the new housing is built over a very long timescale, at what point can we expect to
see beneficial changes in the village centre?

f) the central role of the Community Council in consultation

g) NECC will remain independent from the developers. The Community Council will
engage with the developers in a positive spirit and will support plans seen as
beneficial to Newtown but, as said above, will vigorously oppose plans not seen in
that light.

1.2 NECC has been elected to represent village opinion to SBC and other parties and has
put a lot of effort into collecting village opinion through newsletters, questionnaires
and public meetings. This information will provide a useful starting point for planning the regeneration of Newtown.

1.3 CB said that the consultation process will pick up the threads from two years ago. Once again, Barton-Willmore has been instructed to co-ordinate the consultation.

1.4 IL told the meeting that SBC hopes to appoint an urban designer, who will be able to help with wider objectives for the whole village and with directing attention towards important sites such as Langlands Mill. This might lead to the owner seeing the potential to sell the site.

1.5 KM outlined the process he has used in the past with a series of events. These events can take different forms such as presentations, small-group discussions, site walkabouts and drop-in exhibitions.

1.6 KM suggested holding the first event late in August, with the next stage in October. The NECC representatives agreed to this outline timetable.

1.7 KM will arrange a first event in the Community Centre and will discuss with NECC how to publicise the day and who to ask along.

1.8 IL felt that as the process moves along, as roads and connectivity into the village centre are discussed, opportunities will arise to address the villagersí aspirations. He also mentioned the Planning Departmentís hopes that funds from selling an access strip at Waverley Place will pay for some work towards public space or other priorities as expressed by villagers.

2 Conclusion

GL thanked the developers and IL for meeting with the Community Council and said he would make all members aware of the proposed consultation process, time scale and venues. The meeting has been very useful and he looks forward to further constructive meetings and discussions.

3 Date of next meeting

To be arranged by KM in consultation with NECC.

First Meeting with Developers, Scotland