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Newtown St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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A Renaissance for Newtown St Boswells - SBC Info

The Council have a Newtown St Boswells page on their Web site which gives details of the Finalised Local Plan and information on possible development of the village. This inf. can be found under the Special Interest heading on the Council Web Site or can be directly accessed by clicking on:

Finalised Local Plan

A flavour of what's on the Web Site is the following latest Council Briefing Document on future of Newtown but also look at the Web Site to see more inf.


A Renaissance for Newtown St Boswells?

The ambitious plan for the regeneration and expansion of Newtown St Boswells has created a considerable degree of both excitement and trepidation in the village.

The Finalised Local Plan, published in December last year safeguards a large area of land around Newtown St Boswells, especially to the south. Some 900 houses plus other land uses are envisaged, some of which may happen within the existing village.
Such a prospect raises understandable fears about the village being swamped and its character damaged. Yet at the same time, it throws up a once in a lifetime opportunity for
the village to radically improve its appearance, to create a proper village centre, to support its businesses and bring in new ones. In turn this could help transform Newtown St Boswells into a thriving centre at the heart of the Central Borders. This can be achieved with
the active support and participation of the local community.

This briefing note prepared by the Council aims to answer some of the most frequent questions and gives details on where you can get more information. Why Newtown?

The proposal hasn’t come out of the blue, in fact the village has been part of an area of search for substantial development since 2002. What most influenced the Council’s
decision to favour the village for expansion was that it offered the chance to regenerate the village centre, redevelop redundant buildings and provide for improved community facilities.

What is going to happen and when?

Nothing major will happen immediately as there are no definite proposals. All that the current Local Plan does is to “safeguard” land around the town and to the south from
development until any plans are agreed for future expansion.

Not all of the safeguarded land will be developed. In some cases it could stay in agricultural use for the foreseeable future or indeed within our lifetimes. Of the land that will be developed, it will not all be for housing. Other uses including business, shops, open space, landscaped areas and schooling are also expected.

Housing will be a mixture of sizes, ownership, prices and tenure. As Newtown St Boswells already has a fair amount of affordable housing, the Council is discussing with Communities Scotland and local housing associations how best to ensure that there is enough affordable
provision overall.

If the full 900 houses are developed, including private, rented and flatted types of housing, this could eventually raise the population of Newtown St Boswells from its
current level of some 1,100 people to around 3,440 which is similar to the size of Eyemouth.
However any development would be unlikely before 2009, and would typically take a year to complete between 50-100 houses, depending upon market demand.

The Local Plan also contains some sites within the existing village boundaries that are proposed for housing and redevelopment, for example Sergeants Park and Hawkslee. As
these are definite proposals, they could take place within the lifetime of the Plan (2011), subject to the Local Plan Public Local Inquiry and developer interest. People can object to these proposals as part of the Local Plan process; the deadline for objections is 31 January.

A Renaissance for Newtown St Boswells - SBC Info, Scotland