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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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Defibrillator for Use by People of Newtown Area

Defibrillator for Use by People of Newtown Area

Following an initial familiarisation session for the village Resilience Group and others, a defibrillator was installed in Newtown in August.
The equipment is positioned at the front of the SBC offices in a yellow cabinet which can be accessed by using the code C1234X.
Also anyone dialling 999 for the Ambulance Service for potential cardiac arrest will be advised where the defibrillator is sited and will be given the code. It is possible that the ambulance may be delayed in getting to
the site and it is critical to use the defibrillator as quickly as possible to achieve success minutes count.
The equipment is very user friendly with a running commentary on what to do next and can be used without training.
However to give confidence, further familiarisation sessions are planned for the future.

Defibrillator for Use by People of Newtown Area, Scotland