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Newtown St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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SBC Resilience Groups

Resilience Groups

Resilience Groups are an initiative to enable communities to better prepare, organise and respond to emergency situations such as severe weather, fire, power failure or other major incidents.

How it works
The initiative helps communities develop expertise and put in place Resilient Community Plans which will make them better prepared to cope with emergencies in a way which compliments the response of emergency responders.

These plans are implemented by Resilient Community Teams - groups of volunteers who have joined together in local areas to assist in emergency situations.

SBC provide assistance with set up, the development of plans, appropriate insurance cover, basic manual equipment (such as snow shovels, square shovels, safety equipment etc). First aid training is also provided free of charge by the British Red Cross.

Newtown and Eildon has a Resilience Group and if you would like be involved or would like more information please contact George Luke Tel. 01835 823631,
or call Tel. 0300 100 1800.
or go to:Resilience Groups

SBC Resilience Groups, Scotland