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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

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 Caperaan Swift and Tiffany Mactaggart Newtown St Boswells and District Farmers Show 2009    Results, Scottish Borders
Caperaan Swift and Tiffany Mactaggart

Newtown St Boswells and District Farmers Show 2009 Results

Despite the incessant rain the day before, the Newtown St Boswells and District Farmers Show took place at St Boswells Auction Mart on Saturday, when the judges were presented with a good turnout.

As well as horses there was a dog show with the champion rosette going to the Yorkshire terrier, Bracken, and terrier racing, which was won by the Wardrop's chocolate labrador. There was also a parade of vintage tractors led by Bob Wardhaugh and Trevor Adams paraded the Duke of Buccleuch foxhounds. New classes introduced this year included a fancy dress and ridden and led classes for ex racehorses, which were very well supported.

The supreme of the show judged by Mr & Mrs Joe Scott-Plummer went to David Mactaggart's connemara, Caperaan Swift, ridden by his daughter, Tiffany. The Irish bred gelding was bought as a three years ago as a four year old by the Mactaggart family and his having a great season not only as a mountain and moorland but also in the working hunter pony ring.

Reserve supreme was Sharon Lindop's German warmblood, Sandhaven, ridden by Nicky Roncoroni. The four year old, who was only broken two and a half months ago is heading to the Border Union this week for the young event horse classes. Hunter judge, David Ingle, had a busy day as he also judged and rode the 20 ex racehorses, which were won by Stephen Runciman's Lost Property.

Other champions on the day were Alex Mundell's, Crosbeian Go Lightly and Jane Bruce's, Evie.

Supreme Champion
(Judge: Mr & Mrs Joe Scott-Plummer, Mainhouse, Kelso )
Caperaan Swift, Mr D Mactaggart,
Reserve Supreme
Sandhaven, Miss N Roncoroni

In Hand Hunters (Judge: Mrs D Allison, Summerhill Stud, Carnwath)
Champion - Miss S Russell & Mr K Graham West Star II
Reserve - Something Similar Mr E Jamieson
Brood Mare
1 Something Similar 2 Ayrborn Bordergrove Stud 3 Star Appeal Miss S Russell & Mr K Graham
1 Filly Foal Miss S Russell & Mr K Graham 2 Filly Foal Mr E Jamieson 3 Bordergrove Maldives Bordergrove Stud
1 Bordergrove Missouri Bordergrove Stud 2 Free Millswallow Miss K Brownlie 3 Bordergrove Mexico Bordergrove Stud
Two year old
1 West Star II 2 Trackanais Mrs P Shirley-Beavan 3 Bordergrove Miami Bordergrove Stud
Three year old
1 Show Public Mrs P Shirley-Beavan 2 Scotwell Mrs H Graham 3 Paddy Mrs S Dun

Ridden Hunters (Judge: Mr D Ingle, Mawsley, Kettering)
Champion - Sandhaven
Reserve - Fusilier Mr & Mrs A McCowan
Novice Working Hunter
1 Red Adire Miss A & E Galbraith 2 Sandhaven 3 Amos Miss A & E Galbraith BHS Scotland
Working Hunter Qualifier
1 The Worst Witch Miss J Luton 2 Coloosahatchee River Joe Miss N McRobbie 3 Speirbhean Miss K Thompson
Four or Five Year Old
1 The Masai Warrior Mrs J Agnew 2 Stonehaven 3 Racer Mr C Storey
Ridden Hunter
1 Fusilier 2 Larkhill Miss G Smith 3 Lolita Mrs J Roxburgh-Lowrie
Overall Hunter - Sandhaven
Reserve Overall Hunter - West Star II

Dressage with Show Jumping
P4 (2002) (Judge: Mrs V Wares, Jedburgh)
1 Mighty Mo Janet Elliot 2 Cefnpant Ianto Miss K Farnsworth 3 Copper Mrs J Grigor
P12 (2005) (Judge: Mrs A Buchanan, Hawick)
1 Lost Property Mr S Runciman 2 Luke Lively Jane Clark 3 The Worst Witch

Ridden Pony Classes (Judge: Mrs S Dun, Brothershiels, Heriot)
Champion - A Touch Of Frost Mrs K Mundell
Reserve - Sarum Romeo Mrs L Ker
Not exceeding 128 cms
1 Waxwing Macenroe Katie Anderson 2 Ballyhealy George Emma Brown
Not exceeding 138 cms
1 Crosbeian Go Lightly Mrs K Mundell 2 Galaxy Amy Coltherd 3 Phantoms Quest Alison Brown
Not exceeding 148 cms
1 A Touch of Frost 2 Fearnach Frodo Kathryn Torrens 3 Just Luki Emily Anderson
Leading Rein 1 Sarum Romeo Helen Ker 2 Wendy Katy McFadyen 3 Kathbarr Welsh Miracle Mrs L McCrindle

In Hand, Mountain and Moorland & Ridden Coloureds (Judge: Mrs B Darling, Bankhouse, Humbie )
Riding Pony Yearling, Two Year Old & Three Year Old 1 Little Toy Soldier Mrs P Stirling
Mountain & Moorland Yearling, Two Year Old & Three Year Old
1 Mynach Sea Anemone Mrs W Young 2 Mrs M Marshall 3 Borthwick Calluna Mrs S Adams
Large Ridden M & M
1 Caperaan Swift 2 Bracklinn Milly Mrs N McClung 3 Cragsyde Sapphire Mrs S Anderson
Small Ridden
1 Waxwing Macenroe 2 Frank Mrs S Adams 3 Bracken Mrs G Brown
Champion M & M - Caperaan Swift
Reserve M & M - Waxwing Macenroe
Coloured Horse or Pony Under Saddle
1 Kilkennyschief Miss R Robson 2 Magpie Manor Mr A Murray 3 Troy Mrs K Wardrop
Overall Champion - Caperaan Swift
Reserve Overall Champion - Little Toy Soldier

Working Hunter Ponies (Judges: Mr & Mrs R Goldie, Harpercroft, Kilmarnock)
Champion - Crosbeian Go Lightly
Reserve- Lord Of The Manor Katherine Watson
Exceeding 153 cms
1 Chuckle Time Miss C Hancock 2 Kilkennyschief 3 Otto Miss L Allan
Not exceeding 153 cms
1 Lord Of The Manor 2 Rosscon Saile Jane Bruce 3 Millie Kirsty Nunn
Not exceeding 143 cms
1 Caecolly Paper Crown Mrs J Dun 2 Fearnach Frodo 3 Chinook Morning Star Mrs J Dun
Not exceeding 133 cms - 1 Crosbeian Go Lightly 2 Susie Q Mrs M Crawford 3 Glenteiffi Daniel Mrs L Reshad
Cradle Stakes - 1 Midge Sam Coltherd 2 Cara Duncan McFadyen 3 Spark Eryn Douglas

Show Jumping
12.2 & under

1 Midge Sam Coltherd 2 Lucinda Crawford Susie Q 3 Jo Arres Monksfield Odyssey
13.2 & under
1 Mr Majeika Kathryn Torrens 2 Crosbeian Go Lightly 3 Chad Fiona Williams
14.2 & under
1 Cocoa Tom Hamilton 2 Fearnach Frodo 3 A Touch of Frost
Over 14.2 1 Cashelmara II Mrs L Reshad 2 Millie Kirsty Nunn 3 Elina Mrs J Agnew
Novice 1 Cowdenknowes Tikka Miss N Cessford 2 Lost Property Stephen Runciman

Pony Club
Pony 12.2 and under

1 Vinny Fallon Clark 2 Sparky Mary Douglas 3 Bicton Lotus Evan Mrs M Marshall
13.2 and under
1 Evie Jane Bruce 2 Galaxy Amy Coltherd 3 Barnaby Boy Rosa Onslow
14.2 and under
1 Just Luki Emily Anderson G 2 Shady Kay McColm 3 Forteview Steel Katy
Spottiswood Champion - Evie
Reserve - Just Luki

Fancy Dress
1 Katy and Robin Lowthian 2 Mactaggarts/Browns 3 Miss L Hebdon

Gymkhana Games
Leading Rein

- Bending - 1 Katy McFadyen 2 Patrick Friell 3 Robin Lowthian
Mug - 1 Katy McFadyen 2 Patrick Friell 3 Robin Lowthian
Flag - 1 Katy McFadyen 2 Robin Lowthian 3 Patrick Friell

10 & under
- 1 Lucinda Crawford 2 Sam Coltherd 3 Duncan McFadyen
Mug - 1 Sam Coltherd 2 Eryn Douglas 3 Lucinda Crawford
Flag - 1 Andrew McColm 2 Norma Graham 3 Miss L Hebdon
11 to 14 years old
- Bending
- 1 Libby Todd 2 Kay McColm 3 Amy Coltherd
Mug - 1 Libby Todd 2 Amy Coltherd 3 Miss K Hebdon
Flag - 1 Norma Graham 2 Amy Coltherd 3 Amy Coltherd

Ex Racehorses
1 Lost Property 2 Indien Du Boulay Mrs F Foster 3 Pyramid Miss L Fleming
In Hand 1 Gooner Miss J Foster 2 Linroyale King Mrs C Rettie 3 Teeny Em Mrs A Hutcheon
Champion - Lost Property
Reserve - Indien Du Boulay

Newtown St Boswells and District Farmers Show 2009 Results, Scotland